Forensic / Expert Witness Testimonies

Enclad Structures provides Structural and Forensic Investigation Services to identify and detect the sources of code violations, defects and failures in structures.   Over the years, Enclad has performed thousands of inspection reports, peer reviews, investigated property loss and served as expert witness while working closely with attorneys, home warranty companies, insurers, private adjusters, owners, private firms, HOA's, contractors and public agencies.

Why use Enclad Structures

An expert witness is an invidual who is qualified through education, training, skill and/or experience to give opinion testimony in a court of law.  Our seasoned principal engineer, Todd R. Lehmann, PE has the proven ability to accurately provide expert witness testimony on a multitude of forensic structural engineering issues.  Enclad will assist your legal team in making sound decisions throughout the course of the investigation and will present a case that is sound, persuasive and easily understood by all parties through the assessment of the technical evidence, utilizing the laws of science, engineering and physics.

Our Services Include:

  • Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support
  • Construction Defects / Major Structural Defects
  • Structural Failure Investigation and Analysis
  • Foundation System Settlements
  • Structural Repair Analysis
  • Code Compliance
  • Building Codes and Standards Violation
  • Property Insurance Claims Including Cause of Loss
  • Water, Wind, Flood, Hurricane (Natural Disasters) Damage Assesment
  • Post Disaster Investigation and Analysis
  • Water Damage and Intrusion
  • Roof Systems
  • Floor Systems
  • Impact Forces

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